Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God Bless America

Hi all. Here's my latest news.

Well...I guess we have a new president. I didn't vote for him, but I sincerely hope he does this Country proud. I do have to say it is nice to have the first Black President in the White House. It's been a long time coming. So, for all of you supporters Congratulations! You won it. And I hope that he continues on the path he outlined for us as the leader of this great Nation of ours. HooRah!

Now onto more controversial subjects-Prop 8

I voted Yes on 8 as all of you know. And I am proud to say that 5,725,000 other people feel the same way I do. Once again the Sanctity of Traditional Marriage is sacred again. But, as one spokewoman for the Mormon Church says in an interview this morning, "This measure in no way changes anything for Gay Rights." It's true. We will continue turning a blind eye to same sex couples co-living together and setting up housekeeping. They will still be covered in the insurance offered by various companies. Even though I disagree with couples living together outside of Marriage this also covers those who do. This woman continues on by saying, "...All this measure does is difines that the Sate of California can only recognize a Marriage as Traditional, between a man and a woman."

Furthermore, we who voted Yes on Prop 8 are being accused of racism and discriminating against Gay Rights. This is not true. The laws are pretty clear on this particular argument. You can not be racist or discriminate against sexual orientation. You can be racial and discriminate against other races than yours. That is the real definition of racial discrimination. It has absolutely nothing to do with sexual orintation. Voting Yes on 8 does not make anyone racist it only defines what California wants, No Gay Marriages Allowed.

Moving on to another issue that will soon be coming up in this State. Gay couples being allowed to adopt or foster children. The State of Arkansas voted Yes on Prop 8, also took it to another level. They voted against Gay couples being allowed to adopt or foster children. I'm not sure about our Morale supporters in Arizona and Florida on this particular argument. I do know, that they also voted in our favor on Prop 8. But, it will soon become clear if we need to follow Arkansas lead on Gay Couples being able to adopt or foster children. As for me, I disagree with the whole adopting thing. I beleive that a child should be rasied in Traditional Home with Traditional Values. Being Gay is a choice. Your choice. And I commend you for that. But, it does not mean that being Gay is Right.

So, here it is. My views and opoinons on this whole Election thing. What's yours? Leave your comments and refute any or all of my statements including anything others have wrote.

Thank you and have nice day.

Laree D.


alana said...

Wow. I disagree with what you said to such an extent I don’t think I even want to open that can of worms. Even though I do think it is bigoted and wrong to deny anyone the same rights as other citizens (no one every said being gay is a right either)
, I think I am most bothered by what you said about adoption.

I am gonna take a leap and assume you are anti-choice, so I find it ludicrous that you can support forced childbirth but then not a proper system to handle the influx of children that would result from such a thing. I am adopted and I can’t fathom what you think would have been the right way for me to have been handled by the courts.

Laree D said...

alana...this is great! i am so pleased u checked this out. and u raise some very good points! commendable! very good. u have quite an argument!
I love ur my space page. very nice!

now, bac to ur comments. i am truly sorry if u thought i ws against adoption altogether...i'm not. i'm against gays being able to adopt. i dont think that kind of enviroment is right for a child. my oponion. but, then again, who am i to say.

u said "forced child birth"...hmmm that's very interesting... i would like to know more about that.

no ur not taking a leap. it's a good assumption about me being anit-choice. even though i am not. im for adoption if a young mother does not want to or is unable to raise her child. i am however against abortion. so adoption is an option for those who wake up one morning to find they have an unwanted pregnancy. though i can not fathom y anyone would not wnt a child. i am sure there r those out there who don' responsibilty is another good option.

anyway, my comments were against gays being able to adopt. not a nice loving straight couple. many children who r adopted lead a very well educated and full life. those people who do adopt are very proud and happy for that child.

so. please accept my heartfelt apologies if you misunderstood or misconstrued anything i hav said. so, tomorrow i will hav to take a closer look at that blog and maybe do a reprint of it.

thank you so much for telling me how u feel. and i willdefinetly take ur comments into consideration the next time i write.

Laree D.

alana said...

You’re right; I did misinterpret what you said. My bad lol
I still don’t agree with you though since the idea of a “traditional” family is essentially a thing of the past for most people. I wrote my own blog about the points you bring up actually.

And forced child birth is essentially the reality of what it means for the government to mandate what a woman can do with her uterus.

I don’t think we will ever agree on these topics but hey,there is nothing wrong with that.

Laree D said...

alana, ur r so rite... i dont agree the government should tell a woman wht to do with her uterus. thats a very good point. and it should b a personal choice, but...let me ask u. Should the father b involved with making that dicision? And what about the women who use abortion as birth control when condoms r availble everywhere? and they r much cheaper both financially as well as emotionally?
Heres another question for u. u said u were adopted. if ur mother had chose abortion, where would u b today?

good argument for same sex marriages. and u may b rite about the traditional marriage thing. it is very backwoods and old style. but, as hard as i try i can not wrap my brain around same sex marriages. call me old fashioned, but i'm sorry. i can't change my views on that. it's so engrained into my very being its hard to change it.

lol. and ur rite about another thing. somethings we may not agree on. but, that's okay. we can still b frinds.

furthermore, i would like to say...i sure wish i knew u when i ws looking for an editor to my book. ur honesty and ur porfessionalism in ur critisms would hav been so refreshing. and very enlightning. i had a hard time finding ppl who were honest with me. wow! and lol.

check it out, The Dark Wolf at
and go to if ur interested in purchasing it.

o and btw...i dont hav ur blogspot. ur name takes me to ur myspace page. next time u visit can u please leave it? i am very interested in seeing wht ur arguments r about mine.

thnk u.

Laree D

alana said...

I will check out your other blog because I actually do love to read and that’s the very reason I came here in the first place. lol
I didn’t mean to bring up a big argument either (it just kind of happens with me lol) because there is nothing wrong with having conservative values. I have just been really bothered by some of the things that happened with the yes on 8 campaign, especially involving the church. This is something I was already upset about and your blog just happened to be the first one I read that agreed with that position.

To answer your questions: no I don’t believe in abortion as birth control, but until there is a way to handle that situation without limiting all reproductive rights there will be the possibility of it occurring. The whole argument about, “what if my mother had an abortion” is completely void and circular. Most people can agree that if a woman’s life is in danger then abortion should be allowed. That clearly implies that the woman’s life has more value than the fetus’s potential of life. To me, no fetus has a RIGHT to exist - they exist by the goodwill of their mothers, and will do so until they develop the ability to live independently of women’s bodies. Yes, the man should have a say but it is ultimately the woman’s choice.
I tried not to get into too much and leave simple answers. Just my opinion.