Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hi, All.

It's Election Day today. I voted. Did you? If you haven't you need too. Here's the website you can go to to find out where you area is to cast your ballot. vote411.org/pollfinder.php. You should have one in your area. If you haven't registered to vote you can do so online at this same website. If not, you can register to vote at the polls.

Well...Have a great day and enjoy this Election Day.

Laree D.

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teacherwriter said...

Yes indeed! Proud to say I voted. Went early this morning and got my "I Voted" sticker, then after work went to Starbucks for my free coffee! Helped me to stay awake for the election results :) By the way... I posted a response to your comment on my site and added on the "Follow this Blog" feature. Thanks for the wonderful comments.