Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vetran's Day

Well...Today is Vetran's Day, a day to remember our Vetrans who have fought and are still fighting for our Freedom. A day to fly our flags with pride and honor. To, remember the sodiers who have died in the quest and offer up a little prayer for them, too. I promise you, it doesn't take long. Just bow your head and whisper a small prayer. It's that easy. I did.

This year, on Vetrans Day, we have a new President sitting in the White House. All eyes are focused on Washington as the whole Country waits with baited breath to see what his first move is. Will he bring our troops home? Is he going to do everything he said he would? Is he the right person for the job? Or are we second guessing our own votes? Should we have put McCain in the White House, instead? Who knows? Only time will tell.

Rumour has it that he is undoing everything that former President Bush has done. He has plans to stop drilling off our coasts. Once again the prices for oil will go up and so will gas. He is talking about bringing home our troops by 2011. That's three years away. But a lot of questions has been raised by old timers who lived through the Vietnam War and the return of our troops. The American public looked upon them with shame, when they had nothing to do with returning to our shores. The Government ordered them home. Most are wondering if the return of our troops will cast them in a shadow of shame.

I say, it is time! We sent them over when they hit our Towers, Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001. Remember that? Remember the horror and the terror, felt across the Nation as we all watched helplessly for the last tower to crumble to the ground? Remember the heartbreaking scenes that played endlessly across our television sets as people took their own lives into thier hands and jumped? Remember the dark and terrible scenes that followed with the clean up at Ground Zero? While we watched with baited breath as they uncovered one body after another? As one Nation we all hoped and prayed that one, just one person would be found alive? Do you remeber that?

Well, I do. Everyday, I remember. Everytime I see Old Glory flying against a skyline, I remember. Every time I see a young soldier in uniform walking down the street, or going into a local grocery store. I remember that Tuesday, seven years ago, Sept. 11, 2008. I remember why we are over there. I remember nearly 4000 American Citzens lost there lives, Sept. 11, 2001. I remember the families of those who were killed when the Twin Towers fell. I remember the 2000 other people who were never found. Their bodies assumed to be obliterated by that hijacked plane when it struck the Towers. I remember that thousands of families were asked to give up DNA or blood samples so they could be matched to bodies that were unidentifible. I remember all the heroes on Flight 63 that risked their own live to save those unsuspecting American Citizens on the ground. I remember...I remember...Don't you?

So, when Washington gives the word for our troops to come home it will not be in shame because they did not win the War. The War on Terrorism still goes on and it will for many years to come. We will welcome them with open arms for their part they played in our Freedom. We will then, mourn the ones who lost their lives and who have paid the ultimate price. Freedom does not come cheap, people. It is bought for a price. A higher price than any one of us can fully comprehend. But, the soldeir can. He/She alone knows the price for our Freedom. For they are the ones who were there, witnessing, first hand the cost.

Happy Vetrans Day. May God go with you wherever you should roam.

And God Bless America and Our Troops.

Laree D.


Anonymous said...

nobody really wins in a war... lives are taken from both sides..

i think that it really is time to get over things.. i respect the soldiers for their bravery, and for their skills. but... we all deserve to be happy with the ones we love... they've been risking their lives for the lives that were taken, and if that continues... it will be a never ending cycle of killing. i hope Obama WILL stop this.

Anonymous said...

hi Laree :D

just made a new blog. hope you can visit.