Friday, November 28, 2008

Little Accidents

Hi, all.

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post anything new...Between Thanksgiving, Family and the Grandbaby I have to say I have been extremely busy.

I would like to tell a story at this time. Sometimes Little Accidents that seem like HUGE Mistakes turn out to be Little Blessings.

Once upon a time...There was this little angel that came to visit for the Holidays....

The story begins four years ago, when a young, handsome boy falls in Love with a pretty, young girl. They were only four months apart and not yet eighteen years old. Their relationship was not approved of by his family, since she came from the wrong side of the tracks. His family thought he could do so much better than her. But, he loved her anyway. They didn't have the perfect relationship, they argued as often as anyone. His parents slowly came around, realizing that the girl was going to be around for a long time.

Then one day the boy, not quite 18 came to his Mom and told her that the girl was pregnant....It was then that Mom and Dad gave in, knowing that the girl will be around for the rest of their lives. Though the kids were not married, they decided that having a grandbaby around was good thing. Even though they knew that their son was going to have a hard life for awhile. They stepped in and helped out as much as possible.

March 27, 2008 little Courtney Marie Nicole was born. Dad turned 18 July 15, 2008. Three days after his birthday he moved out of Mom and Dad's with nothing more than a pocketful of change to his name. He was determined to make it on own and provide for his little family. Times were hard but they scraped by. Dad was never sure what the next day would bring. He would get up in the morning and go to work and come home in the evening. His days were always dismal laced with stress and frustration. It's hard being an adult. But, as the baby grew more and more each day, she became his only bright spot when his days were the darkest. Soon, she would laugh whenever he came in the door and it became obvious that he was her bright spot. And her little smile would always tug at his heart. It wasn't long before he fell head over heels in love with his little girl.

Now she's 8 months and crawling all over the house. She stays with her Grandparents at least one day a week. Not only does she have Dad wrapped around her little finger, she has Grandpa as well. She needs cuddle time with her Grandma before she goes to bed and she needs Grandpa to tell her everythings going to be okay. She needs Mom to hold her and love her, but her Daddy and Grandpa walk on water. She thinks they hung the Moon and the Stars.

The little Angel had snuck in and stolen everybody's heart with her smile. She's a joy to have around and the Grandparents wouldn't trade her for the World. It's nice having her for the Holidays and that one special day of the week. And it's just as nice to take her back to Mom and Dad. Though, the Grandparents miss her she still needs Mom and Dad, too. They look forward to the next time the Little Angel comes to visit.

So, it is true...Little Accidents do turn into the Greatest Blessings of All. For us this was an awesome Thanksgiving. We had many things to be thankful for this year and we look forward to the many ones to come.

As we go into the Holidays remember that Family is more important than anything else. And Grandchildren are little Blessings given to us by God.

I wish all of you Happiness and Good Cheer
Through the rest of this here year.
May God Bless you and Keep you
Forever and always near.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.
From My Family to Yours

Laree D.

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