Monday, November 3, 2008

Group Readers

Hello and welcome to my new blog.

My name is Laree D. and I'm new to the whole blogging thing. I want to welcome my newest member and would like to invite any who want to join.

It's an imformal discussion on all types of books. I would like to see your stuff as well. You can join my group by visiting this blog and becoming a follower. As soon as I figure out how to invite and add people I will do that too. If you are interested in joining this group please let me know in your comments.

Here's the question for the day.

With the upcoming Presidential Election coming up on Tuesday I want to encourage everyone to vote, Nov. 4, 2008.

But, first I would like to know what you think? Please leave your comments....

McCain/Pallin or Obama?

What's you position on Propostion 8. Are you voting Yes or No?

I would like to know your reasoning either way. Please feel free to argue any point I will make in the first post. But, I do ask to keep your comments clean. Afterall we are all excercising our first Amendments Rights. Whatever your oponion is will be fine. But, any racial or obscene comments will be immediatly deleted by myself.

Enjoy this prelimminary Election spot and visit my other blog The Dark Wolf. You can find it at and visit my group at

Have a good day!

Laree D.


Laree D said...

Hello and here's my own comments to get this going. I am voting McCain/Pallin and I am voting Yes on Prop 8 tomorrow at the polls.
Here's why. McCain has more experinece than Oboma. He's a two time War Vetran and has fought for our Freedom many times over the years. I like the idea he chose Pallin wih all of her baggage. I think they will make a great team and giude this Country back to where we were before Clinton.

I'm also voting Yes on Prop 8. I beleive in Traditional Marriages and God in our Schools. The campaign for No on Prop 8 is trying to say that it is not religious when it is. We as a unitied body have alsways put Church before State. That is what this Country has been built on and it goes all the back to our Founding Fathers. Voting Yes on Prop 8 does not go against the constituion. It is the basis of out constitution. "We the People of the United States...etc. etc. etc."

boxzers said...

lol I left a comment on my blog too just to get it started! I'm sorry about the voting outcome for you. Had I been an American I would have also voted McCain. I am curious to see how your country is in a couple yrs... which ultimately affects my country to the north of you. My favorite author is Max Lucado. His favorite book so far for me has been
6 hours one Friday.